CDNORT offers comprehensive engineering and consulting services within the industrial sector. The company can develop new or revamping projects. Flexibility and dynamism are our distinguishing mark.  

Industrial Consultancy

Technical assistance services, continuous or occasional, depending on the necessities of the customer and the project itself.

Feasibility Studies

Analysis of the resources availability within a project, under three main views: production, technical and economic.

  Conceptual Engineering

The success of a project is based on a deep consideration of basis design and general requirements within all the disciplines of the process.

 Basic Engineering

Definition of the main requirements of the project, in which purchasing specifications and “ready to build” documents and drawings are based.

 Detailed Engineering

Development of the basic engineering into detailed documentation, in such way that procurement and built can be done.

Project Management

A careful managing of the different packages, which make up a major project, is essential to avoid interferences between disciplines.

O&M Manuals

Personalized analysis and organization of all documents regarding Operation & Maintenance in a facility, either new construction or existing one.

Risk Projects

Technical and economic analysis of a project with problems. Experts in quick and flexible solutions, minimizing consequences.

Industrial Experts

Technical support for Law Firms. Evaluation of industrial facilities and expert reports for trials and other legal process.